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CAP Utah's 7th Annual Conference on Poverty

Registration for this year's poverty conference is now open! 

Details and registration can be found here.

We are still finalizing the schedule but are pleased to welcome our keynote speaker Zoot Velasco. Zoot is a recognized artist, actor, dancer, storyteller, author, historian, college instructor, community capacity building consultant, podcast host, TEDx/event producer, award-winning STEAM and arts curricula designer, keynote speaker, workshop leader, emcee, foster parent, and husband. His life was defined by one event. Zoot was severely burned as an infant, losing the use of his right foot. He grew up in a hospital, inner-city neighborhoods and a bomb shelter. Yet, he went on to a twelve-year career as a professional dancer and actor. He has held some very odd jobs as a live wax figure; a mannequin model; a high fashion model and choreographer; a break dancer on MTV for Prince and Michael Jackson; a mime and crash test dummy in films and commercials; and a swing dancer with Lionel Hampton and the Count Basie Orchestra.

He holds a degree in dance from St. Mary’s College, an MBA from Hope International University and professional designations in arts education, fundraising, management and conflict resolution. As a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE 2011), Zoot has raised over $25 million dollars for various community benefit organizations. He teaches courses in Nonprofit Management at, Cal State Long Beach, Cal Poly Pomona, and Gianneschi Summer School for Nonprofits at Cal State Fullerton based on his book for new community leaders.

Zoot will be speaking about The Importance of the Work We Do. Check back for more details soon. 

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