21 January 2016


As we mourn the passing of artistic legend, David Bowie, in early January his song about change becomes even more poignant.

As humans we know the only certainty in life is death and change (and taxes! Which we here at CAP Utah know a little something about) but that doesn’t mean that knowledge makes acceptance any easier.

CAP Utah has undergone some significant changes and had some amazing staff members move on to other incredible job opportunities where they can contribute to our community in different and exciting ways. While it is difficult to say goodbye, our staff and board see this as an opportunity to grow and change in ways we might not have imagined otherwise.

Some things that will not change: tax season is happening and our VITA volunteers are ready to file taxes for hard-working, low-income families entirely FREE! Find out here how to make an appointment and where the nearest VITA site is to you. You can also file FREE online by clicking here.

We will soon be releasing our updated Annual Report on Poverty, attending the Legislative Session, and keeping our network up to date on what laws are being considered that could affect the populations we serve throughout the state.

We are also planning our Annual Poverty Conference which will take place this year at the end of April. This event is always a fantastic opportunity for us to engage with other stakeholders and our community about the issues facing those in poverty and ways that we can end poverty in Utah for good.

So stay tuned. The changes are still taking shape while the important work we do continues. Thank you to everyone who partners with us and supports us to serve people throughout the state who just hope to make a better life for themselves and provide the essentials for their families. Most of all, thank you to our CAP Network, both in Utah and across the nation, who inspires us everyday to keep fighting the fight - to keep waging the war on poverty.