2-1-1 Talks Conference

02 April 2019
2-1-1 Talks Conference

2-1-1 Talks

CAP Utah is excited to partner with 2-1-1 to host the first annual 2-1-1 Talks - A Summit for Those in the Helping Profession. The event is designed to inform, connect, and empower professionals and volunteers who work tirelessly to meet the needs of others. Josh Pendersen from United Way Worldwide will be speaking on the past, present and future of social services delivery. Lyn Christian of SoulSalt Inc. is giving the closing keynote, "You're Already a Badass: How Not to Forget it" which will focus on turning empathy into compassion so you don't burn out.

Breakouts include:

Creating Mutually Beneficial Partnerships With 2-1-1 - Find out how to leverage 2-1-1's best tools (contact center and database) to create great community projects and research opportunities. 

Data Driven Decisions - Learn how you can access years of 2-1-1 data from calls that include needs, referrals, and demographics to help you write grants and make decisions about how you can deliver services even better.

Personal and Organizational Disaster Preparedness - Tips for preparing yourself, your family, and your orgnaization for a disaster or emergency.

Intro to 2-1-1 - This is an introduction to the tools offered by 2-1-1 and how to maximize them with your clients using web, chat, app, text, call, or social media.

DWS Essentials: An Overview of Services - Get a deeper look into all of the services that fall under the DWS unbrella, and insight into how to best coach clients to access the ones they need and qualify for. 

"But We've Always Done it That Way!": Changing When Change is Hard - Explore the adventures of embracing change without comprising our core values.

Shame and Guilt in Trauma Informed Care - This interactive workshop will explore guilt and shame, and how to heal from the negative impacts these emotions may have on your life.

Money Management for Non Profit Practitioners - This session provides helpful financial self-help strategies and products for nonprofit professionals.

Making the Case for Cultural Competency: Meeting People Where They Are - This session will help particpants examine cultural biases and learned prejudices, and increase active listening and effective communication along with other suggestions for internalizing culturally responsive practices. 

Spotting Legal Issues and Knowing What to Do With Them - Participants will understand when their clients might be facing legal issues and provide a brief overview of the resources available to help address those issues.

Mult Level Case Management - Helping parents when you are case managing children, and vice versa.

Meeting That Matter - Conducting meetings with efficiency and focused outcomes.

Compassion Fatigue - Recognizing when you've taken on too much of someone else's emotional burden and what to do about it.

GRATIshift: Harnessing the Power of Gratitide - During this one hour presentation, participants will learn why gratitude matters in life and how it can make significant impact to their organization and the people around them.

2-1-1 Give Help: Finding Volunteer Opportunities - Find what is available near you that gives you or someone you are working with the chance to give back.

Suicide in Utah: The Problem, The Altitude Hypothesis, and Research at The University of Utah - The presentation's desired outcome is for attendees to gain an understanding of 1) the scope of the problem of suicide in Utah 2) the 'Altitude Theory' of suicide proposed by psychiatry researchers at The University of Utah 3) the current research studies open to Veterans that feature brain imaging and or/natural treatments and 4) local suicide prevention efforts supported by The University of Utah. 

Why Mental Health First Aid? - Overview of the components of Mental Health First Aid and why it is an important tool for helping people who may be developing a mental health disorder or are in crisis. 

EverDay Strong: A New Approach to Anxiety and Depression - As a parent, grandparent, teacher, friend or neighbor, you can start building everday resilience by building safety, connection and confidence in the children around you.

ACES - An overview and review of how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) can affect the clients you work with, even as adults.

Fragile Situations - Helping those you know navigate out of dangerous situations like abuse.

The Role of Diversion in the Homeless System - This presentation will discuss the role of diversion and its impact on clients, the homeless system and the community. 



The conference will take place on Wednesday, June 26th from 8am - 4:30pm at the Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus in Sandy, UT (9750 S 300 W). 

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