May is Community Action Month!

22 April 2019
May is Community Action Month!

May is Community Action month! This month, we celebrate the achievements of the families we serve as well as our volunteers, board members, and staff throughout our network of agencies. Community Action month gives us the chance to highlight the impact of our services all over the state. 

The National Community Action Partnership has developed the Community Action Month Toolkit as a resource to guide us in a coordinated effort to raise the national voice of Community Action. The toolkit contains templates of social media posts, press releases, government proclamations, fundraising ideas, video production tips, and event and activity information that your agency can use to increase your visibility. The National Partnership has also created a Community Action Month Calendar which outlines daily themes and hashtags along with guidance for sharing sample memes and social media posts. 

If you'd like to share specific information about the work Community Action does in Utah, here are some Utah specific facts about the work our work:


Friday, May 3 and 24, Fact Friday: Share one of these factual posts!

1) 32,517 households in Utah with low incomes increased their finanical assets or finanicial skills with the help of #CommunityAction Agencies. #FactFriday #CommunityActionWorks 

2) For every $1 of #CSBG funds, the #CommunityAction Utah network leveraged $23.50 from federal, state, local, and private sources. #FactFriday #CommunityActionWorks #WeR1000Strong

3) Did you know that Utah #CommunityAction Agencies helped more than 76,000 people obtain emergency assistance? #FactFriday #CommunityActionWorks


Wednesday, May 8 and May 22, Impact Wednesday: Share a post about the impact of Community Action! 

1) Over 63,000 Utahns are unemployed and many more are stuck in low-wage occupations. That's why #CommunityAction Agencies offer skills training and job support services to help folks get ahead. #ImpactWednesday

2) Did you know 1000s of children have been helped by CAAs across the country? Last year, the Utah Community Action Agencies collectively served 25,368 infants, children, youth, and parents who participated in child and family development programs. #ImpactWednesday #CommunityActionImpact

3) Over 20,000 Utah community members with low incomes mobilized to engage in activities that support and promote their own well-being and that of their community as a result of #CommunityAction initiatives. #ImpactWednesday 


Saturday, May 11, Stats Saturday: Share one of these stats!

1) In 2017 Utah #CommunityAction Agencies provided services to 190,174 low income individuals. #StatsSaturday #CommunityActionWorks

2) Did you know that in 2017 51,586 children in Utah were helped by a #CommunityAction Agency? #StatsSaturday #CommunityActionWorks

3) #CommunityAction Agencies helped 46,909 Utahns with low incomes eliminate barriers to employment, acquire a job, increase their income, or achieve 'living wage' employment and benefits. #StatsSaturday #CommunityActionWorks


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