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Utah Tax Help

Tax Help Utah is a statewide coalition of partners from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Community Action Partnership of Utah has lead this coalition since 2005 and is transitioning the coalition to its own non-profit during 2021.

Tax Help Utah works to strengthen family financial stability through Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) outreach, free tax preparation, and asset formation programs. Specifically we help families:

  • Earn It. – by providing outreach and knowledge regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit and ensure that families who are eligible to receive this life changing credit, do in fact receive it on their income tax return.
  • Keep It. – by providing free income tax preparation services for families through Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and FREE online filing
  • Save It. – by linking families to partner organizations in their community that can help families pay down debt, save for the future, purchase a home, and/or start a business. Ultimately helping families create building blocks for their families so that they may shift from living paycheck to paycheck to financial stability.

Current Goals

  • Prepare 20,000 tax returns for qualifying Utahns
  • Have operating coalitions in each region of the state
  • Increase referrals to partnering agencies
  • Continue to encourage savings at tax time

Our Successes over the Years:

  • 150% growth in the number of tax returns prepared
  • In Tax Year 2012 we surpassed the utilization of over 800 Volunteers
  • Placed 2nd in the nation with the Tax Year 2013 Save your Refund sweepstakes – 263 unique savers saved $136,663
  • We've saved Utahns $29.4 million in tax preparation fees since 2005
  • A total distribution of $168 million in tax returns has been infused into our local economy.
  • In 2018 we completed 19,644 tax returns and connected clients to $6,449,033 in EITC
  • In 2018 We referred approximately 2,570 clients to supporting agencies for wrap-around services 

Salt Lake Region 2019-2020 EITC Annual Report

Our Sponsors and Partners

  • Mutual of America
    Mutual of America
  • American Express
    American Express