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NCAP - Reimagining Urban Planning for Belonging Webinar Series - Advocacy In Urban Planning

Thursday, July 11, 2024


Reimagining Planning is a monthly series of public webinars that focuses on the edge of innovation in urban planning and policy. Traditionally Urban Planning has had a long legacy of harming communities of color, developing and implementing racist policies, and destruction of the built environment. This series openly critiques this current iteration of urban planning in the hopes of proposing new theories, strategies, and concepts that help us arrive at an iteration of the field where we all belong. We are interested in helping foster meaningful conversations among urban planners hungry for more and to engage with new audiences that have always been curious about urban planning but may not know what exactly do urban planners do.

Webinar 2: Arts and Cultural Strategies in Urban Planning, May 2

Even though Urban Planning has been a field of study predominantly informed by public policy, economics, design, and public administration– just to name a few– our relationship to the built environment exceeds beyond the fields mentioned above. This webinar seeks to highlight the ways in which Arts and Cultural Strategy can help reimagine the ways in which we relate to the built environment and carry out projects intended to benefit communities that have been historically harmed by the built environment?

Webinar 3: Embodiment and Urban Planning, June 13

Webinar 4: Advocacy In Urban Planning, July 11 & more to come!