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Formerly Homeless Board

2021 Virtual Utah Homeless Summit Registration is going on now!

Join us Nov 4 -5, 2021. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Sam Tsemberis.

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PLUS!... Nov. 3. Join us for a special screening of The Invisible Class and a Q&A with director Josh Hayes!

Members of the Formerly Homeless Board addressing participants at the CAP Utah 2021 Virtual Conference

Utah Formerly Homeless Board

Formed at the beginning of 2021, Utah’s Formerly Homeless Board is made up of six individuals from St. George to Salt Lake and Price to Ogden. The members meet on the last Monday of each month to talk about strategies that could solve the homelessness they once experienced. We are a group of formerly homeless individuals who have come together to combine our knowledge and experience of homelessness issues to provide education to the general public regarding the severity of disparities that our homeless population face today.

The mission statement:

The Formerly Homeless Board provides a voice to homeless families, children, and individuals in Utah to improve their overall quality of life by connecting them to services and advocating on issues surrounding homelessness on their behalf.

The board is focused on advocacy, mental health, homeless prevention, emergency shelter, and food insecurity. One area of focus involves the use of Facebook as a way to connect to people searching for resources. The hope is to have a mentor program where someone would be available 24/7 to talk online and help guide those facing homelessness to resources. Knowing the language used to obtain these resources is something the board has expressed as critical in ending homelessness.

If you are or know someone who is formerly homeless and would like to be involved, please fill out this form:

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Donate to the Formerly Homeless Board

CAP Utah is a 501C3 organization that uses the donations specifically given to the Formerly Homeless Board towards stipends of those serving on the board. This stipend offsets the costs associated with taking time off to participate in board events and meetings - especially for those who do not have employment with paid-time off.

To support the Formerly Homeless Board financially, you can make a donation.