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Student Prosperity Savings Program

An Overview of the process

  • Verified eligibility and goal sheet from Caseworker (find here).
  • Designate a beneficiary for whom the account is being opened and whose qualified higher education expenses will be paid from the account. (The beneficiary can be anyone, including the account owner.) Gather the following for the beneficiary:
  •   U.S. Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number 
  •   Date of birth 
  •   Mailing address 
  •   Physical address
  • Check in with case managers when goals are accomplished
  • Case Manager sign off verification form
  • CAP Utah deposits funds to scholarships and/or matched savings accounts
  • Repeat process after a year.

Complete these steps with Caseworker

  • Meet with caseworker and submit eligibility and goal documentation found here.

  • Open scholarship account through scholarship signup link first found here. If possible, have the beneficiary or beneficiary’s parent enter their email for interested party access on the beneficiary information page. This will allow them visibility to their scholarship account.

  • After the scholarship account is set up and the interested party email address is entered, an IP activation email is sent and the person will need to set up username and password.  

  • Have the beneficiary or parent go to the Individual Wizard "getting started page" found here and log in as an existing my529 account owner with the username and password that they created as an interested party. Getting started page.

  • Have the beneficiary or parent go through steps to complete the individual account signup and will see both the scholarship and individual account in their same login.

  • Watch for $100 to be deposited into the account from CAP Utah. 

Decision Tree

1.      Has a scholarship been opened through CAPUtah previously?

Yes – go to step 11

No – go to step 2

2.      Submit signed eligibility and goal documentation

Go to step 3

3.      Open scholarship account

Go to step 4

4.      Respond to activation email and create username and password

Go to step 5

5.      Does the client have an individual account for child?

Yes – go to step 7

No – go to step 6

6.      Does the client want an individual account for child? This is an additional benefit. It is not required.

Yes – go to step 8

No – go to step 9

7.      Sign into individual account

Go to step 9

8.      Create individual account

Go to step 9

9.      Have goals been completed that were previously submitted?

Yes – go to step 10

No – go to step 11

10.   Submit new goal sheet with completed goals indicated

Go to step 11

11.   Has a year passed since initial SPSP visit with case worker?

Yes – go to step 12

No – wait until the year has passed

12.   Submit signed eligibility and goal documentation

Go to step 9