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NCAP - Policy & Advocacy Roundtable

Friday, July 26, 2024
10:30 am11:30 am

Everyone’s always talking about Community Action’s history of advocacy and the public policy implications of fighting poverty. But what does that really look like? Frankly, it’s hard to say - each person and organization in the Network guides that work through their individual priorities and actions. To that end, the National Community Action Partnership is convening quarterly Policy and Advocacy Virtual Roundtables to facilitate informal discussions about agency and association engagement on policy and advocacy issues. Come learn what others are doing and add your voice to the discussion!

All are welcome and encouraged to participate! Are you a seasoned policy professional with a state/local issue to raise up? We want you! Are you a policy newbie with a bunch of questions you’ve always wanted to ask? Perfect! Never spoken to a policymaker? We want you the most! A guiding agenda will be distributed to registrants before the roundtable, but discussion will be driven by attendee priorities.