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Past Utah Legislative Bills Tracking

Tracking 2021 Utah Legislative Bills

Below are bills that CAP Utah is watching during the 2021 legislative session. This is not representative of all bills and will be updated throughout the season.

For most up to date and comprehensive information, we encourage you to visit the  2021 General Session page from the Utah Legislature.

You can also access additional bill trackers from:


United Way of Salt Lake offers great tools on how to be part of the legislative process which can be found here:

Updated Feb. 16, 2021

Category Bill # Bill Name Sponsor Description Status
Poverty HB56 Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act Amendments Winder Adds representation from Division of Multicultural Affairs Governor
Poverty HB125 Intergenerational Poverty Solutiob Thurston Creates the Education Savings Incentive Program, provides a path to higher education for people in poverty Not passed
Taxes HB120 Unemployment Insurance Amendments Daily-Provost Requires certain small nonprofit organizations to notify an employee that the employee will be unable to claim service performed for the nonprofit to qualify for unemployement insurance benefits Governor
Employement HB143 Drivers License Suspension Amendments Maloy May protect low income individuals from losing transportation by prohibiting suspension of license for failure of ability to pay. Governor
Housing HB68 Rental Expenses Disclosure Requirements Judkins Requires an owner of a residential rental unit to make expense-related disclosures to a potential renter before accepting an application fee Governor
Housing HB82 Single-family Housing Modifications Ward Modifies and defines terms applicable to municipal and county land use development and management; Opens up some alternative housing options. Governor
Housing SB 164 Utah Housing Affordability Amendments Anderegg This bill provides that a municipality may grant real property that will be used for affordable housing units; provides that a municipality shall offset costs for a developer, if a developer is required to provide affordable housing units or contribute to a housing fund as a result of a local ordinance; creates an affordable housing pilot program; modifies the potential uses of a community reinvestment agency's housing allocation; describes additional activities that may receive funding from the Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund, including a mediation program and predevelopment grants; Governor
Mental/Substance Abuse HB146 Overdose Prevention Sites Daily-Provost Allows counties to approve an entity to operate an overdose prevention program. Not passed
Homelessness SB70 Mobile Crisis Outreach Reibe Requires the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to create and monitor additional mobile crisis outreach teams. Not passed
Homelessness HB212 Homeless Youth Protection Amendments Weight Clarifies that a person who provides shelter, care, or service to certain homeless youth may refer the homeless youth to temporary or permanent housing Printing
Homelessness HB84 Use of Force Reporting Requirements Romero Provides data regarding police interactions, including with people experiencing homelessness. Governor
Homelessness HB76 Firearm Preemption Amendments Maloy Creates an exemption for local government to prohibit firearms in a homeless shelter which provides temporary shelter to at least 20 individuals per night. Not passed
Homelessness HB 347 Homeless Services Amendments Eliason This bill creates the Office of Homeless Services within the Department of Worforce Services, replaces the State Homelessness Coordinating Committee with teh Utah Homeless Council, and provides that the deuty director of DWS oversee the Homelessness Office. Governor
Health Care SB53 Behavioral Emergency Services Amendments Thatcher Bill that would train EMTs and firefighters to respond to mental health calls was introduced to the Legislature this week Governor
Health Care HB34 Medical Respite Care Pilot Program Dunnigan Requires the Department of Health to apply for a Medicaid waiver or state plan amendment to provide reimbursement to a facility that provides residential medical respite care to a homeless individual Signed into Law
Rural SB55 Rural Online Initiative Sunset Amendments Owens Makes the Rural Online Initiative a permanent program. This helps connect rural Utahns to better paying remote opportunities. Signed into Law
Taxes SB11 Retirement Income Tax Amendments Harper Tax Cut to Utahns on Social Security and Military Retirement. Has some income limits. Targets low income seniors. Governor
Health Care HB130 Mental Health Coverage Amendments Watkins This bill amends Insurance Code provisions related to health benefit plans. It prohibits a health insurer from offering a health benefit plan in which, within a single class of benefits, nonquantitative treatment limitations for mental health and substance use disorder benefits differ from nonquantitative treatment limitations for medical and surgical benefits Not passed
Poverty HB46 Student Prosperity Savings Program Amendments Eliason This bill repeals income tax incentives related to the Student Prosperity Savings Program. Governor
Taxes HB86 Social Security Tax Amendments Brooks This bill provides for an individual income tax credit for certain social security benefits. Governor
Voting HB 127 Ranked-Choice Voting Amendments Winder This bill requires ranked-choice voting to be used in certain regular primary elections for state or county office Not passed
Voting SB 49 Mobile Voting Pilot Project Bramble This bill creates a mobile voting pilot project for municipal elections Not passed
Digital Infrastructure HB304 Digital Opportunity Access Amendment Daily-Provost This bill creates digital equity programs within the state library division. Not passed