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WIPFLI - Insurance options for managing fraud risk

Thursday, December 2, 2021
9:00 am10:00 am

Registration Fee
$170 per connection

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Training Seminar Outline
Advanced Preparation: None
Level: Overview
Prerequisite: None
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
CPE*: 1.5 credit(s)

Fraudsters don’t invest their ill-gotten gains. If you don’t have insurance, you likely won’t get any recovery from a fraudster. The ways in which your organization meets its objectives have grown dramatically, leading to a growth in the risks to the organization. While insurance options to mitigate these increased risks exist, the variety of insurance options and subtle differences can make choosing appropriate coverage a challenge for any organization. We’ll discuss the variety of insurance coverage — and some frequently overlooked options —that can significantly increase the likelihood of recovery from a wrongdoer’s action.

Learning Objectives:

Learn what types of insurance coverage are available to mitigate various fraud risks.
Discuss special considerations and coverage options that apply to fraud-oriented coverage.
Identify how insurance fits in with your risk management philosophy.