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WIPFLI - Head Start/Early Head Start Regulation Boot Camp

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
11:30 am3:00 pm

You asked, and we answered. Based on your feedback, we took our large-group training and built this online Head Start (HS)/Early Head Start (EHS) boot camp to blend regulations, best practices and action planning with the opportunity to ask your questions.

If you are new, if you have been around a while and want a refresher, if you are program oriented, if you are fiscal oriented — welcome. This boot camp is for you. In three virtual sessions, you’ll learn about a range of HS/EHS topics, including:

HS/EHS history, regulations and governance
The culture of safety and continuous improvement
HR compliance in HS/EHS
Eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance (ERSEA)
Program design (e.g., health, nutrition, parent involvement, ratios, etc.)
Community involvement (e.g., in-kind and wrap-up)
HS and EHS are some of the largest federally funded programs. The Head Start Act and the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) contain pages and pages of guidelines that HS/EHS programs need to follow to stay in compliance. Our goal is to help you get comfortable with what HS/EHS programs need to follow to stay in compliance.

Participants declare Wipfli training “empowering,” “outstanding,” “meaningful,” “invaluable” and “relevant.” Join us from the comfort of your location. Sign up today.

Registration Fee*
Regular rate: $875 per person

Registration fees include:

Up to 10.5 CPE credits in accordance with the standards of the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. CPE credits are granted based on a 50-minute hour.
Training workbook.
Reference materials (any PowerPoint presentations and/or additional references) available for download.
Transfers and cancellations:
Participants who are unable to attend may be eligible to transfer or cancel their registration. All transfer or cancellation requests must be received in writing no later than two business days before the start of the event for which you are currently registered.* A $25.00 service fee will be applied to all transfer and cancellation requests. Additional fees may apply.
Participants who registered but did not attend the event or complete a request to transfer or cancel within the allotted time are liable for the full registration fee.
If Wipfli reschedules or cancels the event, you will be notified via email, at which time you will be given the option to transfer to another training or receive a refund.

Daily Schedule
Tuesday, May 31, 2022;

12:30 pm – 4 p.m. CT HS/EHS history, regulations and governance

The culture of safety and continuous improvement

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

12:30 pm – 4 p.m. CT HR compliance in HS/EHS

Eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, attendance (ERSEA)

Thursday, June 2, 2022

12:30 pm – 4 p.m. CT Program design (health, nutrition, parent involvement, ratios, etc.)

Community involvement (e.g., in-kind and wrap-up)

Training Workshop Outline
10.5-hour virtual Head Start boot camp

Advanced preparation: None
Level: Basic
Prerequisite: None
Field of study: Specialized Knowledge
CPE*: 10.5 credits

When you are implementing these regulations, there are numerous things to consider, including how decisions impact your program. In this boot camp, we will explore the Head Start Act and give you time to learn where to find information and dig into the details once you are back at the office. And since the Head Start Act goes hand in hand with the HSPPS, we will explore the highlights of all of the HSPPS (45 CFR Parts 1301-1305). Also, though this is not a two-day Uniform Guidance (UG) training, we will certainly highlight parts of the UG regulations (45 CFR Part 75) in the areas of allowable costs and procurement.

The goal is to help you get comfortable with what HS/EHS programs need to follow to stay in compliance. We will pay special attention to the areas of:

Definitions (They sometimes differ depending on the regulation.).
Administrative requirements (administrative limitations, spending of federal funds and nonfederal match [aka in-kind]).
Power and functions (governing body, policy council, policy committees and administrative reports).
ERSEA (eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment and attendance).
Records (what to keep, how to keep them and for how long).
Qualifications and wages (background check, minimum staff requirements).
From running the program to working with the board and policy council to collaborating with the fiscal department, this boot camp will help you discover action items to take back to the program to help you get up to speed and make an impact.

Learning objectives:

Explore how the Head Start Act and the HSPPS impact each other and your program.
Discuss how working with each department enhances the overall impact of the program.
Take away ideas, thoughts and best practices of ongoing leadership with these requirements.

Be prepared:
You’ll receive an email once you have been added to our event hosting platform, as well as reminders one day and one hour prior to the training. Materials will be available one hour before the training until one day after the training. When the materials become available, you can access them by clicking the Materials tab in the app or desktop menu.

Tips for a good experience:

Use the desktop version of Bizzabo and the Google Chrome Browser.
If you use a mobile device:
iPhone: Use the Safari browser.
Android: Use the Google Chrome browser.
You will not see the trainer. You will see only the presentation and video (if applicable).
If you are connected to a VPN, you should disconnect.
If you experience the webinar freezing or lagging, try refreshing your browser.
Test your system:

Certificate of participation and CPE credit
Each person attending the webinar who needs a certificate of participation/continuing professional education (CPE) credits (live webinars only) must submit their key words within 24 hours of the webinar:
Complete the survey (located in the menu).
Enter the key words in the order they were given during the webinar. We cannot provide the key words after they’ve been given.
Upon receipt, the information will be verified, and if it is accepted, you will receive a certificate of participation via email within 14 business days.