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NCAP - Racial Healing Circles at MLTC 2023

Wednesday, February 8, 2023
1:00 pm4:00 pm

We would like to extend the opportunity to the staff and leaders of your organization to join an In-Person Racial Healing Circle experience at MLTC.

Racial Healing Circles are designed to focus on the sharing of stories that affirm our common humanity. We bring participants into the heart space by inviting people to tell their own stories, to listen deeply to the stories of others, to find common ground and to embrace our common humanity when we see ourselves in the perceived other. When this occurs, we build the trust that is necessary for courageous dialogue and the transformation of hearts and minds that shows up in what we say and do. Racial Healing Circles have proven to be a useful tool for having difficult conversations about life experiences, perceived differences and creating opportunities for diverse groups of peoples to connect deeply.

During the Racial Healing Circle, facilitators will walk participants through the process. This will include sharing and listening to stories (including large group and smaller break-out groups).

Please register only if you are committed to attending the session for the entire duration of 3 hours. Registrants will be contacted prior to the event to confirm attendance and to share the session access information.