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NCAP - Attend Pathways to Excellence Implementer Training Online!

Friday, April 28, 2023
11:00 am3:00 pm

Community Action leaders and managers seeking to remain pertinent and competitive through the next decade understand and are adopting an “Excellence mantra.” Excellence is not about checking boxes on a list. Excellence is an organizational culture; Excellence is the way we do business every day.

The Community Action Standards of Excellence provide a best-in-class-practice framework specifically crafted for our unique organizations. The criteria and accompanying evaluation processes are modeled on the highly regarded Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Agencies in pursuit of Community Action Excellence work towards meeting and exceeding each of the 35 Standards nested in seven broad categories.

Fully embracing, meeting, and living up to the Excellence Standards requires a deep understanding of the intentions and core concepts upon which they are built.

In NCAP's Pathways to Excellence Implementer Training your team members will explore the core concepts of Excellence as well as real-life examples of how to bring those concepts to life and keep them thriving as your Community Action Agency grows and changes. Your staff will emerge with a deeper awareness of how to identify and document an organization's status in relation to the 35 Community Action Standards of Excellence. They will be prepared to help you lead your CAA’s Excellence journey.

In this intensive, four-hour training program, we will cover the foundational concepts for responding to the Excellence criteria and zeroing in on the distinctions between "excellence" and "adequacy." Your staff will be provided specific tools and resources to draw upon in their own work and agencywide.

Your investment for this professional development opportunity is just $399 per person and one afternoon. The ROI is a major step forward in your CAA’s quest for Excellence and your staff’s sense of satisfaction, knowing you are confident in their ability to both learn and lead. Due to the nature of the instruction style, space is limited, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Pathways to Excellence Implementer training is open to any person or organization in the Community Action Network. NOTE THAT CURRENTLY ENROLLED PATHWAYS TO EXCELLENCE SILVER TIER AGENCIES MAY SEND ONE STAFF MEMBER AT NO COST.