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2021 Virtual Poverty Conference

Nominate exceptional individuals/organizations for the 2021 Excellence in Community Action

Community Action Partnership of Utah invites you to nominate exceptional individuals or organizations that have demonstrated dedication and leadership in preventing and eradicating poverty over the last year. Award recipients will be honored during the 2nd Virtual CAP Conference on June 24th, 2021.
The awards are as follows:

  1. Excellence in Community Action – Individuals working for Community Action Agencies: This award recognizes someone from a Community Action Agency staff, board member or volunteer who has demonstrated excellence in their work and has embodied the spirit of Community Action.
  2. Excellence in Community Action - Partner of the Year (Organization/Individual): This award recognizes a community partner that has been essential to your agency’s success this past year. (Examples: coalition members, funders (both cash and in-kind), board members, etc.) 
  3. Excellence in Community Action – Volunteer of the Year: This award recognizes volunteers for Community Action Agencies and nonprofits who give so generously of their time and resources to help end poverty.   
  4. Excellence in Community Action - Public Official of the Year (local, state or national):This award recognizes a public official who has played an important role in supporting your organization’s work over the past year.  Note: This does not have to be an elected official. 
  5. Excellence in Community Action - Emerging Leader Award: Nominate an outstanding person who deserves recognition for their leadership qualities and dedication to the mission of ending poverty. (Examples include those working for Community Action Agencies, local nonprofit agencies, local government agencies, and those advocating for low-income populations.) 

Please feel free to nominate from as few or as many categories as you would like using this nomination form.

Nominations are due June 10, 2021