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NonProfit Hub - Relevant and Relational Budgeting for Nonprofits

Wednesday, December 8, 2021
9:00 am10:00 am

The exercise of creating the annual budget is typically regarded as a once-a-year burden for the Leadership of the organization. Numbers are gathered, proposed, debated, pressure-tested, reviewed, tweaked, challenged, adjusted, validated, and finally published. The approved budget and the details therein are then shelved for the next twelve months only to be resurrected in the monthly or quarterly financial statements and glossed over in the Board meetings.

How do we break this cycle and transform the budget into a valuable tool for insight, decision making, communication, and assessing the success of delivering the Mission? It starts with mindset and preparation… and not just by the Executive Director but by all members of the organization.

In this session, we will break the negative connotation that the budget has within the ranks and build the culture of collaboration in financial management. Practical methods of engagement will be discussed as well as the subtle changes in the language used. We will present simple tools and methods that can be used in the budget creation process and why this should be an ongoing effort instead of a once-a-year slog. Finally, we will cover how the budget is utilized to provide concise and targeted reporting to your team and Board.

Key Takeaways

Simplification of the budgeting process in tandem with providing more insight
Tangible benefits of continuous and proactive budgeting
Paradigm shift of the budget in the organization
Using the budget to tell the right story to your audience

Jeremy Van Groll
Jeremy Van Groll is an incorrigible financial nerd and is the founder & President of Nonprofit Bookkeeping. Jeremy has a Masters in Financial Management and has twenty years of experience in leadership roles including corporate accounting, banking, data analysis, and compliance reporting. Nonprofit Bookkeeping partners with domestic & international organizations to implement efficient financial and data management processes that allow nonprofit leaders to focus their efforts on their mission.