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60 Ways to Support Community Action Partnerships This Year

This year we are celebrating 60 years of Community Action! Six decades ago, the signing of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 laid the foundation for a nationwide movement dedicated to fighting poverty and empowering communities. 

We are honoring this significant milestone by providing 60 ways you can support Community Action throughout the year! From supporting CAP Utah, one of our network partners in your area, or other valued partners,  find 1-60 ways you can join the fight to end poverty in Utah this year! 

60 Ways to Support Community Action Agencies this year

  1. Commit to ending poverty in Utah, specifically in your community
  2. Learn about the issues of poverty in your community and the CAP's efforts to combat them
  3. Learn about the Community Action Partnership’s history
  4. Read our FY23 CSBG report
  5. Sign up for our newsletter
  6. Donate to CAP Utah
  7. Join our board of directors
  8. Become a CAP Utah sponsor!
  9. Request a CAP Utah Poverty Simulation
  10. Volunteer at a CAP Utah Poverty Simulation
  11. Join CAP Utah’s Formerly Homeless Board
  12. Find your local CAA
  13. Donate to your local community action agencies
  14. Sign up for your local CAA’s newsletter
  15. Write thank you notes to your local CAA 
  16. Volunteer for tax preparation services and help low-income families prepare their taxes through VITA programs
  17. Donate to the Utah Diaper Distribution Demonstration Research Project
  18. Advocate for Policy Change: Support legislative efforts that aim to reduce poverty and support families in need
  19. Spread awareness by using your social media platforms to share information about CAP Utah and its mission
  20. Attend events that raise awareness about poverty
  21. Participate in community surveys to help CAP Utah and its partners gather data to better serve communities
  22. Increase your understanding of poverty and community needs by attending educational events
  23. Donate to Back-to-School Drives in your local areas
  24. Help organize or contribute to food drives to your local pantry
  25. Participate in or help organize fundraising events for CAP Utah or its partners
  26. Volunteer or donate to Utah Head Start programs that provide early childhood education
  27. Provide essential supplies to programs supporting families, such as diapers, school supplies, or winter clothing
  28. Participate in energy assistance programs to support or donate to programs that help families manage their energy bills
  29. Contribute to funds that help families in crisis situations
  30. Help bridge the digital divide by supporting programs that provide technology access and education
  31. Support mental health initiatives by volunteering or donating to mental health programs
  32. Donate or volunteer for holiday gift programs
  33. Celebrate Community Action Month! Participate in and promote May as Community Action Month to raise awareness about the impact of CAP Utah and its network agencies.

    Ways to help at Community Action Services and Food Bank

  34. Make a Circles Meal Donation
  35. Participate in a Daytime Food Bank Groups
  36. Participate in a Food Bank Activity Night
  37. Volunteer in their Community Gardens
  38. Be a part of Circle Allies
  39. Help with Circles Children’s Program Guides
  40. Host a Food/Fund Drive

    Ways to help at Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership

  41. Volunteer, donate or sponsor OWCAP here
  42. Volunteer as a family, individual or group at Open Doors here

    Ways to help at Six County Association of Governments

  43. Join the RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)
  44. Become a VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) volunteer
  45. Join the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
  46. Become a Foster Grandparent with the FGP (Foster Grandparent Program)

    Ways to Help Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments

  47. Become A Volunteer
  48. Apply to be a Circles Ally 
  49. Donate food to the food bank

    Ways to Help Uintah Basin Association of Governments

  50. Become a foster grandparent
  51. Join their Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
  52. Volunteer or donate at the Food Pantry
  53. Emergency Management volunteer 
  54. Medical Appointment Driver
  55. Light Meal Preparer

    Ways to help at Utah Community Action

  56. Volunteer in their Head Start classrooms
  57. Volunteer in their central kitchen
  58. Help with their summer dinner program
  59. Donate and volunteer during the holidays through their Stuff-a-Tummy and Chimney Drop programs

    Ways to help at Five County Association of Governments

  60. Donate to Five County’s Community Action Program